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Selected Publications (out of about 140)

  1. On Opial's inequality with an integral condition, submitted
  2. Cone fixed point theorems and BVP of second-order DE, submitted
  3. On Krasnoselskii's cone fixed point theorem, submitted
  4. A non-oscillation theorem for superlinear Emden-Fowler equations with near-critical coefficients, submitted
  5. Integral criteria for second-order linear oscillation, Electronic J. Qual. Theory Diff. Equ. 8, 2006, 1-18
  6. Some extensions of the Brouwer-Petryshyn fixed point theorem, J. Nonl. Functional Anal. Diff. Equ. to appear
  7. On the Nonoscillation of Sublinear Emden-Fowler Equations, Dynamics of Continuous, Discrete and Impulsive Systems, to appear
  8. Second Order Oscillations, A Case History, (with James S.W. Wong), Canadian Appl. Math. Quart., Proceedings for the Midwest Pacific Diff Equ Conference 2005, to appear
  9. The shooting method and multiple solutions of two/multi-point BVPs of second-order ODE, Electronic J. Qual. Theory Diff. Equ. 6, 2006, 1-14
  10. On the oscillation of Hill's equations under periodic forcing (with James S.W. Wong), J. Math. Anal. Appl. 320, 2006, 37-55
  11. A survey of results on the ground state of semilinear elliptic equations, to appear in Proceedings of the International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians, 2004
  12. Oscillation and nonoscillation of Hill's equation with periodic damping (with James S.W. Wong) J. Math. Anal. Appl., 288, 2003, 15-19
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  22. W-transform matrices for feature-oriented multiresolution image retrieval, (with Frank Biqun Lin) Proceedings of SPIE Conference, Orlando, FA April, 1995. Also MCS Preprint MCS-P489-0195
  23. W-Matrices, Nonorthogonal Multiresolution Analysis, and Finite Signals of Arbitrary Length, with Peter Tang Preprint MCS-P449-0794.
  24. A real-time MPEG software decoder using a portable message-passing library retrieval, with Frank Biqun Lin and P. T. Peter Tang, MCS Preprint MCS-P506-0195
  25. Random wavelet transforms, algebraic geometric coding, and their applications in signal compression and de-noising, with T. Bielecki, L. M. Song, and Stephen S. T. Yau, Proc. International Conference on Control and Information, Hong Kong, June, 1995, the Chinese University Press, 283-289.
  26. High-Performance Image Analysis and Visualization Engine for Three-dimensional Light Microscopy, with J. Chen, M. Griem, J. Aarsvold, C. T. Chen, T. Disz, R. Hudson, Biquan Lin, MSC Preprint 526
  27. Orthogonally compensated W-multiresolution analysis and signal processing, (Proc. of ICIAM 95, Hamburg, Germany), also as MSC Preprint 528
  28. MATLAB Implementation of $ W $-Matrix Multiresolution Analyses, Preprint MCS-P462-0894.
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